A Post for Bragging

Okay, so my new years resolution to write more went out the window in February! (Don’t most resolutions?) šŸ™‚ but I have something worth writing about today! (Okay I have several but they go in different posts) Here’s the most current.
I spent the weekend in Starkville.  My brother Jasper was ordained as a deacon in the church that he attends. Being chosen as a deacon is a huge honor,  and an even bigger responsibility.  It takes a man of great faith, with great conviction,  determination and commitment to his God and his church family. It also takes commitment and encouragement from a Godly wife, which my brother was greatly blessed with in Nicole.

We were also able to Skype with Jacob and Jessica in New York. Stationed far away from family so they could not be here with us, Jacob has committed to serving our country, which also takes a man of great faith, with grit, determination,  courage, and commitment to God and country. It too, takes commitment and support from a devoted and Godly wife, which he was blessed with in Jessica.

My husband Matthew was unable to accompany us this weekend, as he had to stay home and work to provide for our family. He has a job that unfortunately he does not enjoy, but that he gets up and goes to faithfully each day, thankful that he can provide for his family. That too, takes a man of great character,  determination and commitment to provide the best he can for his family, no matter the circumstances or sacrifice,  with faith in God that with hard work, the situation can only improve.

As I lay here, tired from my weekend travels, I am overwhelmed with a sense of pride and blessing. My husband and my brothers, the wonderful men in my life, deserve more praise than they know, and I don’t tell them enough. As do my sisters. We might not have a lot, but our parents instilled in us all a love of Christ,  a sense of pride in ourselves, our country, and our families.  Jacob and Jasper may be my younger brothers, but they have become wonderful role models for their big sister, and I could not be more proud of the paths they have chosen and the families they have created. Just as I a blessed and proud of the husband and father I have created my own family with. My heart is overflowing.

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