Almost Missed It!

February has flown by.  So quickly that I almost broke my new years resolution in the first two months! Its been fun, busy, a little scary, and WAY too cold for me! (My house doesn’t function well in cold weather and neither do I!) Anyway, we met with Dr. BK, the specialist, on a snowy, icy day. During the ultrasound the technician kept saying everything looked great, which made us happy, happy! The little one did not want to cooperate and let us get a good picture, but we finally got a profile shot! The doc did tell us they found a cyst in the brain, which freaked me out, but after talking about it with my Dr., and several nurse/obgyn friends, we are confident that it will correct itself and not cause any problems. Apparently it happens more than we knew. I will have another ultrasound on my next visit and I can’t wait! Until then I must be content to let my child use my bladder as a trampoline! (its favorite pastime)


Next was Valentine’s day, which we spent at home together, enjoying one of the few moments left of “just us” time! Mr. Garrett prepared a fabulous meal complete with appetizer, fancy plating, and dessert! We ate in the candlelight and watched Ghost Adventures. I ate every bit of the deliciousness he put in front of me, and was unashamed.


Appetizer: Fried catfish nuggets with spicy aioli


Close up: Filet, scallops, zucchini, and asparagus. De-lish.


Dessert: BlackBerry Cobbler a la mode

I ate more than my husband. And wished for more room too KEEP eating!

Mom has been here the last two weekends, helping ready the nursery, and the rest of the house, for baby. She hasn’t let me help too much, apparently I am not that great of a painter. I trimmed along the floor on the first coat, after that, she sent me to the kitchen to cook some soup to send to my uncle and finished herself. (I will admit, I’m much better in the kitchen!) The walls and trim are almost done! I can’t wait to be done painting. I don’t know why, I have no crib to put in there yet… or bedding… I pretty much only have a dresser at this point! Thank goodness I still have time! 🙂

DSCF0117  DSCF0116

Grey walls, white trim. Will have some yellow accents. I think yellow is neutral. My husband disagrees. Oh well. I already told him the John Wayne fathead would have to wait until he was at LEAST a toddler. IF it’s a he! February’s over, y’all. Another month closer to spring! (And baby time!)

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One Response to Almost Missed It!

  1. Nettie Rivers says:

    I love the grey!!! Oh, does Matthew cater??? I want to book him for next Christmas!!!!

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