Dad’s condition

Well it has been a crazy time since my last post. Most reading this will already know but two days after I made my last entry, my stepmom had to take dad to the hospital. I could create a whole huge entry on what is going on and why, but why type it twice, it is all on Dad’s Caring Bridge site

Hopefully that link works! If not you can always just go to and search for his name.

We have had lots of visitors and lots of prayers. His wife and kids have been freaking out for a week now. Trying not to be too excited about today’s triumphs as not to egg on another tragedy, but today has been a good day!

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One Response to Dad’s condition

  1. Dee Ann Williams says:

    I am so glad to see your Dad begining to show signs of better health. Just remember when have something as powerful as a wonderful family to fight to be with and the Zlord Almighty’s strength on your side, miracles do happen. Keeping each of y’all in my prayers. Love to each you.
    Dee Ann

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