Last Weekend

Last week and weekend was an exciting time, not only in my family, but in my next door “adoptive family! New experiences and lots of fun times were had by all!

I left work at three o’clock on Wednesday and ten hours later arrived, with the whole family in tow, in Columbus, GA. We were all excited to see my brother, who left for Fort Benning for US Army Infantry Basic Training on January 7th. For all of us except his wife, it would be our first time to see him since then. She had only seen him once. So we were all giddy and excited. The next morning (or after a short nap..) we got up to go to Jacob’s “Turning Blue Ceremony” where the soldiers receive their blue cords. The rest of us thought it was because the crowd turned blue that they called it that! It was FREEZING! But I mean we had to look cute for pictures!

ImageThe program from the ceremony.

ImageImageJess helping Jacob put his Cord on..

ImageSiblings! The twins, me and Stepbro (with the world’s cutest niece who isn’t looking)

ImageSiblings, wives, and mom.. My other half couldn’t make it.

ImageMore family! Dad, stepmom and stepbro. (with the cutest niece in the world who LOVES “her” Jacob)

After the ceremony, we got Jacob for about ten hours before he had to report back to his barracks. We had lunch and changed clothes and he wanted to show us around the Infantry museum. Was really sad that my husband wasn’t there for that. He is a HUGE history buff, and the museum would have been heavenly for him. It really was beautiful, and some of the quotes I read got my Patriotic bone tingling and made me ready for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. I may start decorating next week..

ImageImageImageCan’t help but show them off, they are pretty handsome.. and married so don’t get any ideas ladies…

ImageImageHe walked around and showed dad everything! Male bonding time.

The next morning started early, though not quite as early as Thursday! It was still chilly though! The graduation ceremony was interesting and informative (from what I could hear, we weren’t super close. But it was fun to watch. I’ve always had a soft spot for a soldier. I’m not that big into history or politics, but I am very Patriotic. It has magnified since my brother joined the Army. I am scared to death of him being shipped far away or deployed overseas don’t get me wrong, but I could not be more proud of him! He’s a Soldier. He fights for America. He fights for YOU. Thank a soldier people. It’s not an easy job.



And my personal favorite.. Nicole (sis-in-law 2) captured this great photo. Jessica watching her honey get on the bus.. Again…Image

Okay he wasn’t ACTUALLY leaving until after a short weekend leave, he just had to go fill out some paperwork before he could go but still how great is this pic. He would be doing this same thing in two days, so what’s the difference?

Anyway, mom and Jess and the rest of them were staying to visit with Jacob some more, but me and the other twin both had weddings we had to be present for on Saturday, so we hopped in the car and headed back to Mississippi.

Now we weren’t going to the same wedding, Two different ones hours apart. Mine was the wild card. My sweet friends (Neighbor Family) planned an outside wedding. In Mississippi. In April. See where I’m heading… The forecast wasn’t good. AND there was no Plan B. So we went with Plan A… PRAY!!

But Before we could get down to wedding business, we had to avert a disaster. Neighbor family’s pup (one of the five) got hit by a trailer and the girls were in freak out mode. They had to be there to get ready with the bridesmaids so the husband and I got up to go see about baby Butch. when we got up, Matthew had a message from his mom that OUR baby may have eaten rat poison! Sure enough, blue poop in the hallway. So we load the eater and the injured in the truck and haul it to the vet. (Both are fine by the way. It’s looking like Butch’s new nickname is going to be Tripod and Halas is on vitamins.) Whew. by then it was time to go watch a beautiful ceremony and have a beverage.

By the time the wedding started, the rain had passed, and the sun even had come out! The outdoor ceremony was beside a lake and the decorations were beautiful. The reception was around the pool in her parents back yard and it couldn’t have been a more perfect wedding for two wonderful friends! (Did I mention it didn’t rain.. Ever after the wedding started. They are obviously touched by God)

Her photographer, Lee Ann Miller, Was Awesome! I have to borrow a couple of pics to show her off. Sami got some GREAT wedding photos!Image

ImageImageAren’t they great! Lee Ann Miller Photography out of Walls, MS. Great job.

Happy Newlyweds, Happy Soldier, one Happy (and tired) Friend and Sister. But I wouldn’t have missed any of it for anything in the world. All in all I’d say the weekend was a success!

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