My First Post

Well, I decided for my first try at blogging I should take it easy and just post a little paragraph and not try to hit the jackpot on the first pull with photos/videos/links, etc.(I’m a little ashamed to admit that I have been trying to change colors and add pictures for over an hour and I still haven’t quite figured it out I don’t think!) 

I did get one picture changed though! How sweet is the little black face on the top of this page. This is our new baby boy, Halas. Men may get the name. I didn’t at first and it still isn’t my FAVORITE but I didn’t have anything better to go with so Halas he became. For those of you, like me, who don’t know, George Halas was a legendary football player, coach, owner, and pioneer of Pro football. Mostly he was “Papa Bear” to the Chicago Bears football team, who my husbands Grandfather played for. (Now you’re seeing the sentimental value of this name, right?!) Apparently he was a force to be reckoned with, and we hope his little namesake here is too. Daddy’s gonna make him into the best Duck Dog in North Mississippi!

Other than his refusal to go potty outside, (which I GUESS I can let slide for a FEW more days as he is still pretty little) He is perfect and we love having him! Even his big sister, Gracie (our thirteen year old black lab who is old and DONE with puppies) has finally come around and plays with him. He’s a sweetie, isn’t he!

Going to do something productive now… Maybe…



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